Hello, my name is Shaka Lee and I’m here to inspire and empower women to be their most confident, authentic selves. Through my own experiences, I’ve learned that the only way to live that truth is through self-love.

I wasn’t always the person I am today. I remember a time when I didn’t love myself the way I do now. I’d let others walk all over me, dim my light, and control my happiness. Even though I appeared confident to others, I didn’t truly feel that way on the inside.

I come from pretty humble beginnings. My father raised me as a single parent and we didn’t have much. But one thing my dad always taught me: always treat others the way you wish to be treated. I’ve come to learn that the most important person to apply that rule to is you. If you want others to treat you with kindness then you should first set that example with yourself.

The thing that really shined within me from a very young age was my glowing enthusiasm. Over the years that enthusiasm has developed into a rich passion that’s transformed me from an impressionable and naive teenager into the confident and strong woman that I am today.

I have been heavily involved in an industry that can be very tough on a woman’s self esteem. I’ve been a professional model for close to 10 years and I’ve managed to keep my confidence intact. My journey towards self-empowerment is reflected in the improved quality of my work over the years. I’ve also taught ‘Shaka’s Walk Class’ — classes geared towards helping women embody confidence and authenticity through a fierce strut!

It kills me to see women in our world who don’t recognize their own power. Nothing would make me happier than to teach women to understand their power through self love and confidence and inspire them to live it by leading a truly authentic life.