Dance Class

Learn to Dance with Shaka Lee

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance in a heel?

Or find a way of movement that is sensual and feminine?

Are you the type that shies away from dancing because you think you aren't good at it?

Or maybe you are just looking for a place to go where you can vibe out with a room full of good music and supportive women.


Learn the fundamentals to heels dance with Shaka Lee. Heels is a sensual and feminine style of dance where all the moves are performed in a heel. It is taught in a safe community of other women who are supportive and encouraging.

It is much harder than it looks and class will focus on the fundamentals of the style; balance, weight transfers, lines, quality of movement and transitions. Additionally, you will also learn the proper techniques for walks, hair whips, bevels and floor work.

Come and join her class. No dance experience necessary.