Dance Class

Learn to Dance with Shaka Lee

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance in a heel?

Or find a way of movement that is sensual and feminine?

Are you the type that shies away from dancing because you think you aren't good at it?

Are you nervous to take a dance class because you aren't flexible or coordinated?

Or maybe you are just looking for a place to go where you can vibe out with a room full of good music and supportive women.


Learn the fundamentals to heels dance with Shaka Lee. Heels is a sensual and feminine style of dance where all the moves are performed in a heel. It is taught in a safe community of other women who are supportive and encouraging.

Although it is challenging, this class will focus on the fundamentals of the style; balance, weight transfers, lines, quality of movement, and transitions. Additionally, you will also learn the proper techniques for walks, hair whips, bevels and floor work.

Please bring a heel that is comfortable for you to walk in and make sure it supports your ankle.

Come and join her class. No dance experience necessary.




Not ready to take a class?
Want to start with the fundamentals of heels without feeling behind?
Want extra time to work on something specific like freestyles or technique?

Book a Private Class with Shaka Lee

Arranged around your schedule and tailored specifically to what you want to improve.
Open to any experience level.